Xamax Composite Surface Veil consists of a large class of synthetic fabrics designed to absorb liquid resins. These resins can be epoxy, bismaleimide, or styrene based like polyester or vinyl ester varieties. The composite reinforcement fibers are typically glass, but can also be carbon or aramid.

The use of a surface veil on a laminate composite surface offers protection from chemical corrosion and abrasion. Veils are high melt polyesters that have an excellent appearance and surface smoothness, making your product look aesthetic. Our surfacing veils can be customized to your needs based on weight, aesthetics, chemical free fibers and surface treatment additives (like optical brighteners, TiO2, UV additives and microbial treatments). Depending on your application, they can also be printed with different colors to enhance surface effects.

Typical thermoset applications include pultruded profiles, filament winding veils and hand layup.  Pultrusion is a manufacturing process that converts reinforced fibers and liquid resin into a fiber reinforced plastic via a pulling method, rather than a pushing method (extrusion). Products include ladders, tool handles, beams and grinders, Stanchions, pipes, aerial booms and building parts.   Filament winding involves winding under tension over a rotating mandrel; these veils are used in pipes, tanks, cylinders and pressure vessels. Hand layup involves manually laying down individual layers or ‘pilies’ of a form of reinforcement now as ‘prepreg’; products using the process include boats, storage tanks, tubs and showers. 

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