Xamax operates in many end use applications outside of composites and electrical. If there is something else you need that you don’t see here, we are always open to new materials, applications, and projects!
Weather Stripping


Window and door weather stealing tape keeps air from leaking in between the window or door or between two windows. Xamax has a variety of materials that are used in this product in various colors, widths, and weights.

Contact a Xamax Solutionist and we can create a customized product for your application.


Interleaving materials protect surface finishes be it metal, glass, plastic or stamping.  Xamax has products to protect products from scratching, abrasions and tarnishing.  A range of interleaving papers varies from metal to tissue to absorb oil to technical papers that solve large, small or complicated tasks.  

Oil Absorbing Cotton
Meals Ready to Eat


Flameless ration kits rely on chemical reactions created when water or another ingredient is added to magnesium-iron pads to generate enough energy, up to 100 degrees, to heat precooked meals in about 10 minutes.  MRE are used by service members across all branches of the military, disaster relief organizations and outdoor enthusiasts.  Xamax has EcoSeal  is a low temperature heat sealing fabric that can bond to itself or other materials. The material has high strength and is naturally water repellent.  EcoSeal can reduce costs and simplify manufacturing processes that have heat sealing steps.  

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