Technical Paper


The Coppercote family of insulating papers are available in many types to suit specific applications.

All Coppercote Products


Coppercote® EK are high quality, sulfur/chloride free, pH neutral and electrical grade Kraft papers. These are highly versatile products used typically in serving, wrapping and bundling of wire and cable.


Coppercote EK/HS is a 3 mil paper coated on one side with a heat-activated thermoplastic for use in rubber jacketed cable construction, and is RoHS compliant.


Coppercote® LD grades are electrical grade papers with medium tensile strength. These specialty papers are typically used as precision server/ separator paper for wire and cable manufacturing. These products are thermally upgraded.


Coppercote HD is high density wood pulp Kraft paper with superior tensile strength. These high density papers have superior TEA, resulting in excellent conformability on irregular shapes without breaking and can be longitudinally fed or spirally wrapped.


Coppercote® HC are high stretch, wood pulp, high crepe Kraft with superior elongation properties. These high-density papers have superior TEA, resulting in excellent conformability on irregular shapes without breaking; can be longitudinally fed or spirally wrapped.


The White Anti Tarnish Tissue is a tarnish resistant paper product typically used as an interleaving/slip sheet for processing tarnishable, precious metals.

Thermal Upgrade


Cellulose based papers that are chemically modified to reduce the rate of decomposition. Ageing effects are reduced either by partial elimination of water forming agents (as in cyanoethylation) or by inhibiting the formation of water through the use of stabilizing agents (as in amine addition, dicyandiamide). A paper is considered thermally upgraded if it meets the life criteria as defined ANSI/IEEE C57.100

All Thermally Upgraded Papers

  • Xamax B Stage Kraft Paper
  • Cindus 42HCF, 22HCF Papers
  • Coppercote LD Paper
  • 2-35H, 2-35HM Papers
  • Weidman 22HCC, 12HTCC


Weidman 22HCC and 12HTCC are high strength, thermally upgraded crepe papers that are used as a wire insulation in liquid filled transformers. It’s advantages include high tensile strength and high elongation.

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